Chef Vinni is the purveyor of quick alternative healthy recipes and products that save time, money and promote a better lifestyle.  He's the designer and inventor behind his own signature brands, marketing products seen on shopping and cooking channel networks.  He has also hosted the Tasty Awards in Hollywood, California.


Actor and TV Personality

As a TV personality for over 30 years, Vinni Villicano has starred in many infomercials, commercials, TV shows, and films.  He has appeared on many top rated shows on CBS, ABC, and other cable networks and series including: LA Doctors, Friends, Days of Our Lives, and Star Trek, just to mention a few.


Mr. Villicano is an independent TV producer and the CEO/producer of TruLife Media production company.  He has produced infomercials, commercials, docudramas, documentaries, and reality TV as a 3 time Telly Award winner.


As a writer Mr. Villicano has written his own TV commercials, infomercials, TV shows, and cookbooks.

Product Designer/Inventor

Mr. Villicano has over 30 years of combined grassroots expertise in entertainment, culinary arts, television, agriculture, marketing, product design, houseware products, including a mechanical and industrial background.  He combines this portfolio of experience, knowledge and skills into every endeavor. 

Inspiration & Upbringing

Inspired by his mother, father, and grandmother through their hard work on the family farm, Vincent learned the meaning of true integrity and survival by combining every skill, talent and ability he learned along the way.  At the age of 14 he learned the basic essentials of life by growing and harvesting crops, raising livestock, and cooking.  His family and grandmother Catalina's authentic, healthy ways of cooking greatly influenced young Vincent, so much so that he coined the phrase "REAL SUGAR, REAL BUTTER, REAL PEOPLE" TM to honor them.   When it comes to real food he doesn't believe in cutting corners, but only cutting the time through the use of his signature 10 in 1 uses all purpose manual food processor.