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“ If you like something sloppy, juicy, spicy, cheesy, and beefy that will stick your ribs and satisfy your hunger for 6-hours, this will do the job.”  Chef Vinni Villicano

 Served as a burger or Chopped goulash

*Prepared in 30-minutes with Chef Vinni’ s eco-friendly manual food processor.

*Normal preparation time without the food processor is 1-hour and 10-min.



1-Pound of Ground Beef (Grass fed angus) 

½-Sweet Onion (Vidalia) 

  2-Roma Tomatoes. 

  1-Jalepeno Pepper         

  4-Cloves of fresh Garlic

 1-Big Tomato (Sandwich style)

 1-Pack or Romaine lettuce

 ½ -Yellow Bell Pepper

 1-Banana Green Pepper

 ½ Cup of Cheddar Cheese

 1-Can of Cooked Black Beans (Signature Kitchen Brand)

 1-Can of Tomatoes Sauce

 1-Can of Hormels Chili (With Beans & Meat)

 1-Table spoon of Kinders Prime Rib Rub (At the meat & fish dept. or spice isle.)

 1-Package of Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns  (Natures Own Brand/8-in a pack)

 ¼-cup of red wine

 ¼-teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper. (Optional: If you like it really hot!)

1-full Kosher Dill Pickle

1-Can of Red Fork Brand Best Sloppy Joe Sauce (Comes in usually a bag and is in the canned isles next to sauces.)

 Recipe Steps

STEP 1. CHILI: Mix the following contents into a 6-liter Pan: Can of Hormel Chili, Black Beans, tomato sauce or (Optional: Red Fort Brand Best Sloppy Joe Sauce).

STEP 2. CHILI ADDITIVES: (Has 3-simple steps.) Place the ½ onion, garlic, yellow bell pepper, pickle, and roma tomatoes into the Chef Vinni’s manual food processor, rock the handle a couple times to break up the large chunks and then spin the handle quickly until all contents are chopped finely. (My product allows you to save chop everything in 10-seconds that will save you the normal 15-minutes of hand chopping.) Then dump the chopped contents into the pot and simmer as low heat for 20-minutes. Assign a person in your house to stir every 5-minutes so nothing sticks to the pan as you prepare the rest.

STEP 3. GRILL: Fire up your grill and while the coals are getting grill ready (approx. 10 to 15 min.) start making the burger meat patties.

STEP 4. MEAT PATTIES: (3-simple steps.) Place the ground hamburger into a big bowl to hand mix in the following ingredients: add the red wine, 1-Tablespoon of Kinders Prime Rib Rub and ¼-teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper into the meat with a splash of olive oil and mix up by hand. Then hand roll 4 to 6 meatballs. Then use a plate to press the patties.            

STEP 5. GRILL: Place on the patties & peppers and grill. (5-min. medium rare; 10-minutes well done.) Add the buns to toast in the last 3-minutes.

STEP 6. PREP THE CONDIMENTS: Slice the big tomato and grade the cheddar cheese. (Use Vinni’s manual food processor to slice & grade the cheese (Julienne slicer for the cheese.) Then hand-place the leaves of lettuce.

STEP 7. GRILLED PEPPERS: Take the grilled peppers and chop them in Vinni’s manual food processor then dump them into the simmering pot of chili and stir.

STEP 8: ASSEMBLE & SERVE: (5-simple steps.) Place on the meat patty, the sliced tomato, the lettuce, a layer of the chili, cheese, add the top bun, and then smother the burger in more chili and top with more cheese.

LEFTOVERS: Use any left over chili for:

(Simply cut up with a knife and mix. This is my favorite.)*Omelet Breakfast: Spread over an egg omelet

* Chili dogs: Smother some dogs---Yum!

DRINK SUGGESTIONS: Red wine or a cold glass of whole milk!

Bon appetite---enjoy my friends!

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