My Easy Elegant Tartar Sauce

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Recipe for my tartar sauce:

This is an elegant but easy version of tartar sauce for fish.
1) cup real mayonnaise + 2 tbsp sour
1/2) cup finely chopped dill pickle
1/4) finely chopped yellow sweet
1) tbsp finely chopped fresh broad
leaf Italian parsley
1) Finely chopped celery stalk
Juice of 1) small lemon + 1/2 its zest
1) tsp dried Herbs de Provence
1) tsp dried Tarragon
1) tsp sugar
Celery salt and fresh cracked
pepper to taste.

Add dill pickles to chopper bowl and chop fine. Drain juice and use paper towel to soak remaining moisture from pickles. Add onion, celery and parsley and chop fine. Attach juicer top and juice lemon into bowl. Remove chopper blades and replace with beater paddle. Add dried herbs, mayo and sour cream, spin to mix. Season to taste. Refrigerate for at least 1 hr to allow flavors to blend and sauce to chill.


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