Chef Vinni's Signature Guacamole

Posted by Sunny O'Malley on

Make my signature guacamole in seconds and with ease using my 10 USES IN 1 AMAZING MACHINE!  Here's the recipe: 

1-2 Roma Tomatoes (Slice in half and place them in the bowl)

2 Fresh Basil Leaves (drop in bowl)

1 clove of Fresh Garlic (peel and drop in bowl)

1 Lime (squeeze half the juice into the bowl)

1 Yellow Bell Pepper (Cut 1/4 of it and drop in the bowl)

1-Jalapeno Pepper (Cut 1/4 for mild or 1/2 for spicy and drop into the bowl)

Sea Salt (one or two sprinkles into the bowl)

1 Red Onion medium or small size (Cut 1/4 and drop into bowl)

 1 bunch of Fresh Cilantro (cut a pinch - 10 leaf petals - and drop into bowl)  

Now chop up these ingredients.  Next add:

3 Ripe Avacados  

Now spin the handle forward and backward to chop, blend, and mix everything up and then serve.   GREAT FOR PARTIES! 

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